Pia Koslow is my champion and hero!  I remember first walking into heroffice for my divorce consultation.  I was very emotional and on the verge of tears because I did not want the divorce to begin with.  After ten years of marriage, and with two beautiful little girls to raise, the serious nature of the divorce process was overwhelming.  My "emotionally overwhelming moment" was met with great understanding, patience, and advice from Pia.  Pia did not push me to just follow through with the divorce; but rather she advised me to make the right decisions for both me and for my girls.  This was the driving force in my dealings with Koslow Law Offices.  Pia got to know me well enough to understand what I value the most in my life, which is my ability to provide safety and stability for my little girls.  She understood the difficulty of seeking what was best for my children in a world where mothers usually prevail in custody cases.  She did an amazing job.  Pia put everything she had into presenting to the Court every argument to establish that it was in the best interest of my children for the court to deviate from the typical outcome, and to grant full custody to a father.  At a final custody hearing, the court granted me primary custody of my two little girls!  I am forever indebted to Pia Koslow for the best gift I could ever receive - the chance for my kids to thrive!

George – Marietta, Georgia


Issues of legal separation, divorce or other legal entanglements such as distribution of intellectual property or assets test your patience, your friendships and at times, even your faith.  Having trusted advisors like Arlene Koslow and her team was invaluable.  I had no idea of the complexity of reconciling my ex-wife’s request for a portion of my pension benefit with the rules of my company’s pension plan administrator.  Arlene and her team worked diligently with opposing counsel to get it right!  Historically, my experience with lawyers has not been the best, but Arlene and her team are not only trust worthy and capable, but they are the type of people that you want to associate with long after your case is settled!

Larry – Atlanta, Georgia


After coming to terms with the fact that my marriage was over, I approached a select few people whose opinion I respect.  Pia Koslow’s name was mentioned several times.  I interviewed two of the top names and felt most comfortable with Pia.  As a recently divorced client of Pia Koslow, I am well aware of the raw emotions and important decisions involved in the process.  Pia possesses a strong personality and is not easily intimidated.  She also understands the state of mind of her client, and she gently and lovingly reminded me to keep emotions out of the process.  She reminded me that my divorce was a business agreement that would affect my future.  She has somehow mastered the delicate balance between knowledge of the law, and compassion for her client.  If I had new developments or questions, Pia addressed them promptly, always leaving me with the feeling that I was well represented.  She ensured that my interests and my wishes were carried out in every step of the process.  In retrospect, Pia and I were a team that achieved a mutually amicable settlement from a hostile environment.

Robin – Marietta, Georgia


I would highly recommend Pia for her solid legal expertise, tough negotiation skills and client-centric sympathetic nature.  She embodies a perfect blend of these top three qualities that I personally needed to deliver a favorable outcome in my divorce case.

Simone – Atlanta, Georgia

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